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Bureaucracy will prevail, but we could change the way it works

One of the reasons bureaucracy annoys us so is that it mostly doesn’t seem to provide the services we, as individuals, want for ourselves and for the areas in which we live.  We grumble about declining services and also about … Continue reading

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Left or right, up or down?

In the UK, what happens locally on the ground is not much to do with local political control at the time, either locally or nationally.  It is the day to day bureaucratic management processes which determine what happens. The ‘rules’ … Continue reading

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Janet’s Story

Those who believe in the decentralisation of public services do so because it is thought that better decisions will be made the closer service users are to decision-makers. Not so. Take social services as an example, where you might expect … Continue reading

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Bigger but not Better

A symptom of decreasing community participation in public service planning and management is the increasing size of public service organisations. It has now reached a stage where there is no effective public participation, just consultation and not much of that. … Continue reading

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Choose the topics of interest

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