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The circular economy is not fully circular


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The future of care: A grey future?

The lesson for a futurist: history is made of unintended consequences. Whenever you think about a solution to something, deeply examine the possibility that it will create opposite effect. Every solution bears seeds of a new problem. Marina Gorbis, Institute … Continue reading

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Getting to well-being in a no-growth society

This adds something to my piece on clusters, which I see as an ingredient of how things will be in a future in which there is no growth in prosperity. Having suggested clusters as the way forward, it is a … Continue reading

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I have seen the future – and it’s clusters

The world is full of clusters. They have been around since the beginning of time. They can be seen from both top down and bottom up. From the bottom-up you may belong to a cluster, from the top down clusters … Continue reading

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Bureaucracy will prevail, but we could change the way it works

One of the reasons bureaucracy annoys us so is that it mostly doesn’t seem to provide the services we, as individuals, want for ourselves and for the areas in which we live.  We grumble about declining services and also about … Continue reading

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How we see the future depends on our vested interests

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I regard this as one of the most important and useful explanations of surplus energy economics.

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Good Idea, Bad Idea: The Merits of Renewables, the Folly of Electric Vehicles

This is important! #118: Good idea, bad idea

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No matter where you live

In 1978, I moved away from bureaucracy.  I did so because I was disillusioned with the top-down system and wanted to live away from it.  I had a naive belief that I would achieve this if we lived on the … Continue reading

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Left or right, up or down?

In the UK, what happens locally on the ground is not much to do with local political control at the time, either locally or nationally.  It is the day to day bureaucratic management processes which determine what happens. The ‘rules’ … Continue reading

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